George Soros: A Long History as a Humanitarian

Anyone who spends a bit of time reading about the political world will start to hear some names more than others. One name that often pops up is George Soros and there is no wonder why, as he is very active in the political world. He has been involved in politics and humanitarian work in one way or another for many years. Before thinking you know who he is, take a little time to read about his history, and some of the things he has done and is doing for society.

History of George Soros

It is often our past experiences that help mold us into the people we are today. That is certainly the case for George Soros. The humanitarian was born in 1930 in Hungary. He grew up during the 1944-1945 Nazi occupation that left more than 500,000 Jewish Hungarians dead as well as countess others. His Jewish family had to conceal who they were, get fake papers and helped others do the same, just so they could escape and survive. The communist power consolidated in Hungary and in 1947 Soros fled from Budapest to England and safety. Here he found work as a railway porter. This along with being a waiter helped him afford to get through the London School of Economics. A short time after, he found work with a merchant bank and finances became his endeavor. He worked on Wall Street after moving to New York in 1956. This is where he really became established in the world of investments and finance paving the way to a current $25.2 billion in net worth today. His career really took off in 1969 when he started his own $12 million-dollar hedge fund. Learn more about George at Biography.


The name George Soros and the word Philanthropy go hand in hand; and, why shouldn’t they? Mr. Soros has given away more than $12 billion dollars to date. He has supported organizations and individual people all over the world, defending the rights of freedom to express and societal justice for everyone. In fact, this past September, he administered $500 million to refugee and migrant founded initiatives and businesses, paving the way for improved relations.

Political Improvements

It is also important to understand the political impact Mr. Soros has had. Soros is active with the Democratic Party and is one of their largest donors. He has worked hard and paid millions over the past couple of years campaigning to elect new prosecutors around the country who are on board with reforming our current criminal system. Three district attorney races he is currently involved in supporting are found in counties in the southwest states, including Colorado, Arizona and Texas.

Social Aid

Mr. Soros doesn’t just keep himself busy with the political system and supporting social justice, he also is working for society as a whole. Recently, he spent $4 million to aide in finding a solution for the Ebola problem and this is in addition to numerous other acts for the health and betterment of society. Learn more on about George Soros.


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Fabletics And Its Winning Strategy In Workout Fashion Industry

Fabletics has really made an impact in the market with more than $250 million sales within three years of the launch of the online store. When it was launched by Kate Hudson in 2013, nobody expected it would achieve a tremendous success considering the presence of established players in the market including the online retailer behemoth Amazon. But, the management of Fabletics was focused on its goals and captured the market with aggressive strategies and high-demanded products. Interestingly, many online retailers are now trying to replicate the strategies of Fabletics to reap the success in the market.



To attract all sorts of customers, Fabletics introduced reverse showrooming with the help of online data. It means, the online retailer opened physical showrooms in all the major cities in the country, and users can visit the showrooms to experience the products on hand before purchasing it. Each showroom has the popular products of online shop listed, and this means that many users would find their products from physical showrooms. Online data is important on deciding what product should be made available in physical stores, and people who wanted specific products can choose it from the online store. Incidentally, reverse showrooming is to attract people who wanted to check the products physically before purchasing it.



The workout fashion products from Fabletics are high-value, high-quality, and stylish, and it has many fans across the country. While coming to the quality, the leggings are thick and show greater compression while tops are soft and comfortable. The products are greatly fit to the body and don’t lose the shape or fade after long-term use. Each of the products is clearly giving style statements with simple tanks, solid colors, bold patterns, cut-outs, sheer panels, etc. Additionally, the products are of greater value as most leggings are priced at around $50, whereas, similar quality products from other brands cost at least $80. Most of the products on the website are found at least 30 percent less than similar quality products from other brands.



Fabletics has introduced a monthly subscription plan called VIP Membership to assist customers with personalized products. It charges monthly $49.95 and sends customized fashion products to the members along with free goodies; also, people can choose products from the store at discounted rates. While signing up for the membership plan, each customer should complete a lifestyle quiz that comprises questions regarding their color and size preferences, body type, workout type, etc. The lifestyle quiz helps the online retailer to design customized products for each customer. Anyone who wanted to experience great quality, stylish products can sign up for the membership plan and fill up the lifestyle quiz – a new world of fashion is there.

OSI Group Is The Mover And Shaker Of The Fast Food Industry American Success Story

America is the land of opportunity and it has been for centuries. When German businessman Otis Kolschowsky wanted to make a name for himself he decided to move to Aurora, Illinois. It was in this suburb of Chicago that he created his deli market Otis and Sons. Working wit his sons he focused on giving the people of the Aurora access to fresh cuts of meat. Eventually, his sons took over the business and expanded their influence across the world. It was this global reach that allow OSI to become what we know it as today.

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What This Means For Us All
OSI Group is the reason you have beef in your favorite cheese burger and why you have slices of pepperoni on your favorite pizzas. Through the use of acquired companies across the world they have managed to make themselves the most powerful meat process on planet Earth. This isn’t where OSI Group ends its devotion to giving people the best product it can. OSI Group also provides its customers with frozen vegetables and frozen dough. This gives OSI Group the distinction of making itself a jack of all trades.

The Size Of The OSI Empire
OSI Group is one of the largest privately owned companies in America. It has a net worth of $6 billion and that wealth comes from employing Americans and giving back to America. When OSI Group wins we all end up winning because of it.

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Bringing Back True Democracy with End Citizen United PAC

Many democracies all over the world have been compromised by some of the very wealthy people in the respective communities who try to shape the political life of a country, for the sake of meeting their desired outcome and achieving their desired results out of an election. These billionaires and millionaires do this by financing campaigns through questionable channels. By so doing, the meaning of democracy is undermined or even overturned for only a few rich people with personal motives who get to decide on who becomes the next leader.


This financing became the case back in the year 2010 when the Supreme Court ruled for Citizen United. The ruling allowed billionaires like the conservative Koch brothers to contribute to many political campaigns in an untraceable manner. This ruling opened the door for people of bad motives to freely influence political leaderships as they desire. Not all political campaign financiers are bad or have selfish reasons, but now it became hard to determine who has good intentions. Because of this eventuality, End Citizen United Committee was formed in the year 2015 with the sole responsibility of fighting the continued supply of dark money into the political system. The law was geared towards championing and eventual passing of a constitution amendment bill to overturn the Supreme Court ruling.


End Citizen United became the first organization to fight this dark money system in a unique way. In a broader way, that other activists had not explored, End Citizen sought the assistance of politicians who are true fighters for democracy. End Citizen United nominates politicians from the Democratic Party to continue this fight as elected leaders. This was a smart move that is going to grow as the new committee grows. End Citizen is also a source of awareness to the public, bringing to light the things that go around the judicial system thus giving the public knowledge of what is going on and some of the effects of the different rulings that the Supreme Court makes.


End Citizens United Committee looks forward to restoring the integrity of democracy by ensuring that the money contributed for political campaigns is clean. This committee is purely funded by the grassroots enthusiast who share the same vision as End Citizens United Committee. The committee looks forward to growing their capital, and to one day reverse the court ruling. Their choice of supporting democrats and not republicans is because democrats are true supporters of campaign finance reforms, unlike the republicans who stand in the way of this noble course of restoring order and transparency in the political arena. The leaders of this committee are people with vast experience in political campaigns, as some of them have served as advisors in past election campaigns; one of these leaders is Reed Adamson who managed the campaign that saw Illinois Rep. Brad Schneider win in 2012.