Bringing Back True Democracy with End Citizen United PAC

Many democracies all over the world have been compromised by some of the very wealthy people in the respective communities who try to shape the political life of a country, for the sake of meeting their desired outcome and achieving their desired results out of an election. These billionaires and millionaires do this by financing campaigns through questionable channels. By so doing, the meaning of democracy is undermined or even overturned for only a few rich people with personal motives who get to decide on who becomes the next leader.


This financing became the case back in the year 2010 when the Supreme Court ruled for Citizen United. The ruling allowed billionaires like the conservative Koch brothers to contribute to many political campaigns in an untraceable manner. This ruling opened the door for people of bad motives to freely influence political leaderships as they desire. Not all political campaign financiers are bad or have selfish reasons, but now it became hard to determine who has good intentions. Because of this eventuality, End Citizen United Committee was formed in the year 2015 with the sole responsibility of fighting the continued supply of dark money into the political system. The law was geared towards championing and eventual passing of a constitution amendment bill to overturn the Supreme Court ruling.


End Citizen United became the first organization to fight this dark money system in a unique way. In a broader way, that other activists had not explored, End Citizen sought the assistance of politicians who are true fighters for democracy. End Citizen United nominates politicians from the Democratic Party to continue this fight as elected leaders. This was a smart move that is going to grow as the new committee grows. End Citizen is also a source of awareness to the public, bringing to light the things that go around the judicial system thus giving the public knowledge of what is going on and some of the effects of the different rulings that the Supreme Court makes.


End Citizens United Committee looks forward to restoring the integrity of democracy by ensuring that the money contributed for political campaigns is clean. This committee is purely funded by the grassroots enthusiast who share the same vision as End Citizens United Committee. The committee looks forward to growing their capital, and to one day reverse the court ruling. Their choice of supporting democrats and not republicans is because democrats are true supporters of campaign finance reforms, unlike the republicans who stand in the way of this noble course of restoring order and transparency in the political arena. The leaders of this committee are people with vast experience in political campaigns, as some of them have served as advisors in past election campaigns; one of these leaders is Reed Adamson who managed the campaign that saw Illinois Rep. Brad Schneider win in 2012.