Todd Lubar Shares How the Developing and Current City Trends Affect the Real Estate Industry

The charming nature of Baltimore City is projected to grow its real estate sector. As the veteran real estate expert Todd Lubar observes, the city’s population is decreasing, yet, retaining an increasing number of young professionals. As the younger demographic is projected to grow, trends in real estate are expected to change. First, young professionals have influenced a higher demand of apartments. To meet the demand for apartments, developers have built more refurbished and high-end apartments and condos for the residents.


Furthermore, the transportation sector (a big factor in the real estate industry) has seen amazing expansions. The city is focused on creating reliable networks to help people access easily their downtown residential apartments. According to Todd Lubar, the growing network of transport system will attract more professionals to the city. Another real estate friendly trend in Baltimore is the growing business community. This has established the city’s reputation and attracted more talents into working in Baltimore. Even though the cost of living is not projected to rise exponentially, the new developments encourage formation of more buildings to meet the lifestyle of the growing number young professionals.


Such developments in Baltimore are also influencing the expansion of the Potomac real estate industry. In particular, the North Potomac development is encouraging the real industry, notes Todd. One such development is the 14-acre Travilah Station that is projected to have 131 houses by 2019. “The creativity and the level of expertise employed in developing these housing systems is amazing,” says Todd Lubar. These models are Bryant, Camdel, Palmer, and Morgan. The houses environment is exhilarating, with school to eliminate long distance schooling worries to parents.


In Potomac, the real estate business is certainly on growth. More developers and contractors are entering the industry. For instance, a veteran Potomac developer, Eden, has seen new partnership in the re-modelling mission of the Cabin John Village Center. These four new partners, together with Eden, will oversee a re-modelling project of the community’s favorite center. This is also one of the most powerful trends in the business: focusing on the community’s affairs. As Todd puts it, a social entrepreneurship business. The Potomac community will, certainly, appreciate these expertise of development.


About Todd Lubar


Todd Lubar has over two decades in the real estate industry. As he kicked himself into the industry in 1995, he immediately developed passion for what would be his career. To add onto his real estate career, he has expertise in finance. The yearn for finance and real estate skills made him forge relationships with financial experts and real estate agents at the beginning of his career. He gained knowledge that would, particularly, see developments in Mortgage Banking. He founded Financial LLC to serve the big set of underserved clients, and has been involved with multiple contractors in the real estate industry.

The Trabuco Saves Many Kingdoms From Destruction

During the middle ages kingdoms were important to the lives of many people. They helped to stabilize societies and provided protection. Keep in mind the middle ages were turbulent because kingdoms constantly waged war against one another. It was not that uncommon for raiders and pillagers to sack villages and for towns to be attacked by foreign invaders.

A good king that cared for his people would have built a huge walled fortress to protect them. He also would have used this weapon in defense of his people. Adding these trabuco to his arsenal of weapons would have helped a king to easily defend his castle or town when an enemy was trying to take it down.


Don’t forget that kingdoms during the middle ages had to constantly be watched and safeguarded. Warriors and conquerors always roamed the land searching for treasure and wealth. Some leaders wanted more people rule and others wanted to be immensely powerful according to With so many people having these types of agendas, it made it difficult for a king to adequately safeguard his people.

This weapon’s ability to hurl large objects at great distances saved many kingdoms from destruction. While this weapon was designed to attack enemy fortifications, it could also be used for defensive measures. The trabuco slung hard and fast and it could be used to throw fiery pitch and other substances on enemy combatants. Kings who held a trabuco in their arsenal were more than ready to take on anything and anyone who attacked their kingdoms. The trabuco or trebuchet had helped to save many kingdoms from destruction according to

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Clay Seigall Leads Seattle Genetics Into the Future of Cancer Treatment

Clay Seigall is Founder, CEO, Chairman, and President of Seattle Genetics. He began the company in 1998. Since then he’s accrued multiple channels of research funding for the company. Clay Seigall may be best known for helping Seattle Genetics create cancer therapies that use antibodies to fight the disease. Mr. Seigall was recently mentioned in a local Seattle magazine. They focused on the success of his business and wondered what it would mean for the company’s future.

Seattle Genetics has grown into a top biotech firm. They research and experiment with human antibodies. The business’ building even looks like the basic shape of an antibody. These are used in treatments to eradicate dangerous cancer cells. Their main cancer drug is called Adcetris. It treats cancer of the lymph system that easily spreads. If this treatment continues to show success then it could become very popular.

Seattle Genetics employs over 900 people. They only expect to add employees in the near future. Their net worth has grown to almost ten billion dollars under the leadership of Clay Siegall. He’s explained that he didn’t plan on selling. His plans have only focused on building an amazing company. He has done just that. Seattle Genetics earned sales of over 418 million dollars in 2016. He sees the goal of the company and doesn’t let anything get in the way of its success.

Clay Seigall holds a Bachelors of Science in Zoology. He also received a Ph.D. in Genetics from George Washington University. He was also a finalist for the Ernst and Young Pacific Northwest Entrepreneur of the Year award in the early 2000s. He holds multiple patents and serves on the Board of Directors for Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical. Before his time at Seattle Genetics, Clay Seigall worked with the National Cancer Institute, National Institute of Health, and the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. His work was widely inspired by his father’s untimely death when Mr. Seigall was 24. He died of cancer, and that’s when Clay Seigall began to understand the need for effective cancer treatments.

His first goal as the leader of Seattle Genetics is to help people. His views are practical, yet philosophical. He’s stated that he truly loves his job. His combined experience, education, and passion have kept him in the industry for thirty years. He continues to lead technological research and development to improve the tools used for treating cancer.

Fortress Investment Group Spans the World

Fortress Investment Group has grown a great deal said its founding in 1998. Beginning with just a few million dollars to invest in the market, this investment management firm has since grown to become a global player that operates over $43.6 billion. They are a leading and highly diversified firm. Their special expertise covers a wide range and allows them to invest where others would be ignorant and lose money. They specialize in the areas of private equity, traditional asset management, and liquid credit. The Fortress Investment Group keeps themselves safe by diversifying their money into multiple sectors. They keep $6.5 billion investment in private equity, $7.8 billion in liquid capital, $8.9 billion in hedge funds, and $15.1 billion in credit private equity. This allows them to take advantage of all the positives of the market while guarding themselves against any economic downturn that may occur.

The Fortress Investment Group has remained a leading investment management firm because it implements the five core competencies of a healthy management firm. The first of those is asset-based. In order for just Investment Group to maintain the money is coming in, they look for long-term cash flows. The best are those that require only one investment but in turn give consistent money over the years. A perfect example of this would be real estate both residential and commercial. The Fortress Investment Group has workers who specialize in pricing and financing and overseeing the management of these physical structures.It is also widely known that the Fortress Investment Group is one of the most knowledgeable in the industry. They employ over 1500 specialists who all have advanced degrees in their area of expertise. It is their job to execute investments based on the operating portfolio of the companies that have higher the Fortress Investment Group. They use their sector specific expertise to gain the most profit even where others thought that exists.

This well educated team also allows the Fortress Investment Group to be one of the best operation managers in existence. They have created several evaluation tools that allow them to assess the operations of your business. They then will work with you to structure your business to be the most efficient and effective when it comes to producing your products. They extract the maximum value to the most complex investments by doing this. The Fortress Investment Group also invests money in the areas of acquisitions and mergers. By investing in the company they not only make back profit when the shares go, but they are allowed a voice on how to structure the business during the acquisition. They work in harmony with the executives on the board of directors as well as management and shareholders to structure the new company and keep investments level.Lastly, they specialize in obtaining various low risk and low-cost financing. This allows them to invest in multiple situations than even the most cautious investor would take. This means stable income and dividends for all the different shareholders.

Betsy DeVos – On Topic Article

Whether she’s facing off with opponents in the political or the business ring, Betsy DeVos is a fighter. She never backs down, and on the rare occasion when she doesn’t win she turns to bout into a learning experience to prepare for the next round. Whatever she can take from one defeat becomes a powerful tool to be used in the next battle.



Elizabeth “Betsy” DeVos has a passion for education. Specifically, she is on a mission to see education expanded and improved for the benefit of children everywhere. She has vowed not to stop until she sees quality educational opportunities made available to all children regardless of financial status, location, or any other demographic barriers. Growing up, Betsy herself attended private schools. She was raised in a wealthy family in Holland, Michigan. Her father, Edgar Prince, was the founder of a billion-dollar auto parts business. As a young girl, Betsy often worked alongside her father in the family business.



Rather than leaving her with an attitude of privilege, Betsy’s upbringing taught her to be appreciative of her advantages and compassionate toward others who did not have the same educational opportunities. She found several ways to become involved with causes and organizations whose focus was on improving and expanding the availability of quality education for children everywhere. Her focus remained steadfast even after she married and had a family of her own. She became a devoted proponent of providing all families with improved options and choices for their children’s educations.



For more than three decades Betsy DeVos has petitioned to see tax dollars used to provide not only for the needs of public school students but for those who attend charter schools as well. Although such educational academies receive their funds from public monies, they are overseen and run by private entities outside of the normal public school framework. DeVos also focuses on attempts to have the funds that are lotted to public schools to also cover vouchers for tuition costs for private schools, religious academies included.



Betsy DeVos doesn’t just spearhead these causes, she herself has provided financial and other types of support to schools run by for-profit companies. She is outspoken in regard to the performance standards set by these schools. Her efforts have paid off: Detroit, Michigan is now home to the largest number of charter schools in the country. Through everything she has accomplished, DeVos has had to deal with a great deal of controversy and harassment by the press. She has come out as being in favor of specific officials in schools carrying guns to protect students and staff in the event of an active shooter situation. Her stance on the issue was not a popular one. DeVos made a comment on the topic which was met with extreme derision, especially after she tried to downplay the situation by calling her comment “a joke”. She quipped that the guns inside schools could be used to protect against “grizzly bears”, a thinly veiled reference to some of her political opponents on the subject. The media went into full attack mode, labeling DeVos “ignorant”. In true DeVos fashion, Betsy turned the situation to her favor. Recognizing that any press could be used to her benefit, DeVos laughed off the contrived outrage and media theatrics by saying, “The media has had it’s fun with me, and that’s ok.”



DeVos continues to work in both politics and in the business world to further the cause of better quality education for young people.


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The Genius of Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy Goldstein currently works at his boutique law firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates LLC. Before establishing his own firm, he worked at a similar firm, where he learned all the ins and outs of business law. Now, he’s New York’s go-to business lawyer when corporations need advice regarding employee benefits.
When Jeremy Goldstein isn’t working on one of his firm’s major transactions, he works with local nonprofits and writes and speaks on numerous business law matters, particularly, executive compensation and corporate governance. He’s also a part of the Mergers and Acquisitions Subcommittee, a part of the American Bar Association Business Section.
Over the last few years, Mr. Goldstein’s been working with numerous corporations to help them decide the best employee benefit for their workers. Historically, corporations provided stock options; it was the only thing that all major corporations offered. Now, many of them are no longer offering stock options in favor of less complicated benefits.
For whatever reasons, corporations and their employees see stock options as unnecessary risks. This viewpoint mostly comes from fear of losing the right to exercise these options because the stock value drops too low. When that happens, employees have nothing but their personal accounts.
Due to fear and negative views of stock options, corporations now prefer to offer higher salaries, equities, or better insurance. These options are easily understood by the simplest employee and make the workforce feel more involved. However, the reality is that stock options make employees more involved than they know.
Stock options make everyone part of the company, meaning the stock’s value is based on the success of the company. When people’s benefits are connected to the company’s success, they might work harder to ensure the company’s success. That’s an added advantage that stock options hold over other benefits.
If a corporation does decide to reestablish stock options as their compensation method, it’s important that they choose the right type of stock option. One thing Jeremy Goldstein’s noticed is that companies that no longer offer stock options were offering the wrong type of stock option.
Not every company can use the same type of option. Goldstein recommends that corporations investigate “knockout” stock options. Knockout options come with all the advantages of their counterparts with the added advantage of protecting employees and companies from making irrational decisions because the market took a nosedive for a day. Learn more:

Ronald Fowlkes an American Innovator and Hero

U.S. military service-men and service-women are on the front lines to protect our freedoms and rights. When they are on the battlefield we want them wearing and using the best in tactical gear. The same holds true for our law enforcement agencies around the country. Here is where we introduce Eagle Industries Unlimited and Mr. Ronald Fowlkes. Eagle Industries produces, supplies, and manufactures tactical gear products. Their reputation is globally known for tools and gears that are the strongest and best in safety products. Eagle Industries puts its products through a rugged testing system to ensure that they meet the tactical industry specs and the inspection of their top expert Ronald Fowlkes.


The largest consumers of the Eagle Industries products beyond the military and law enforcement, includes private and public security agencies, varying state and federal government agencies, hobbyist hunters of all levels, and the gaming industry for such sports as paintball. Clothing tactical gear products includes goggles, boots, vests, and helmets, all of which are designed with specialized accessories like well designed hidden pockets, hoods, belts, harnesses, holsters, etc. Ronald Fowlkes supervises the tactical gear department teams and he conducts educational sessions for Eagle’s sales personnel so that they are well versed in how some products work and why. Mr. Fowlkes also travels domestically to Eagle Industries customers and demonstrating how tactical gears are life saving products.


Ronald Fowlkes has had an honorable military and law enforcement career. He served in the U.S. Marine Corp between 1989 – 1993. He has received many military medal honors for his leadership skills, teaching skills, and equipment skills. He worked simultaneously in a coordinated Iraqi effort with the U.S. Army and the U.S. Department of Defense. When U.S. soldiers were deployed to Iraq, it was Ronald Fowlkes who was asked to teach them how to safely and properly use tactical gears to keep themselves safe. Also, as the Department of Defense Contractor, Ronald Fowlkes with the Army’s Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization in Iraq.


Mr. Fowlkes has had a rewarding 13-year career at the St. Louis Metro and St. Louis County Police Department. Within his work at these law enforcement agencies, he taught and educated his peers in SWAT training, Urban defensive tactical warfare, and developed programs on gun and drug trafficking. It is his leadership and managerial experiences and skills that helped Eagle Industries increase their national and international contracts.


Mr. Fowlkes joined Eagle Industries in 2008 and has increased the company’s presence in modern day tactical innovations. For this reason, he is currently the top-tiered Business Development Manager for Law Enforcement and Commercial products. Currently, Ronald Fowlkes lives in St. Louis, Missouri with his family and has a hobby he enjoys which is a part-time sports instructor in his community arenas.


Doe Deere – article recap

This is an era in which everyone is looking for things that are new and different, and nothing is more different and more innovative than vegan makeup. Vegan makeup is all the rage and a way that animal lovers show love for their fellow furry companions.


Although many people love vegan makeup, no one knows cruelty-free makeup better than the Queen of Unicorns, herself, Doe Deere. But just who is Doe Deere, and how did she get to become the queen of anything?


Well, we are happy to tell you! Kick back like Doe does, with a tall glass of water in hand, and prepare to hear this beauty mogul’s story from start to finish.


An Entrepreneurial Itch

As the saying goes, mighty oaks grow from small acorns. Doe wasn’t always a hit in the cosmetics industry like she is today. The former fashion line CEO began her entrepreneurial career as a 13 year old salesgirl.


Yes, Deere has always been into sales. In her early teen years, she loved wearing tattoos. Her peers saw her wearing these items and were curious about them. Deere, being the influential entity that she is, convinced them that wearing tattoos was perfectly fine as long as they were sure that wearing them was something that they truly wanted to do. This would be Deere’s first time liberating people and allowing them to be their authentic selves. However, it would not be the last time.


Leaving Home

Deere wasn’t fully of age when she left her home in Russia. At seventeen years old, she boarded a plane for America. Her sights were set on the Fashion Institute of Technology.


Deere didn’t finish her college career. After feeling that she had amassed enough knowledge for her business plans, she left school to pursue her company, Lime Crime.


This wasn’t the Lime Crime that we know and love today, however; this was a clothing store.


Deere was originally an entrepreneur in the field of fashion.


But as many of you already know, fashion and beauty go hand in hand. Deere decided to wear makeup to help her already-unique clothing line stand out even more, but then something unexpected happened: people showed more interest in her makeup looks than in her clothing line.


So what did Deere do? She decided to go with what appeared to be promising.


Reaching New Heights

And promising the makeup was!


Deere switched Lime Crime from a fashion line to a cosmetics line and decided that her cosmetics line should be fully vegan.


She refers to everyone who uses her products as unicorns, deeming herself the Queen of Unicorns.


Lime Crime and Doe Deere are steadily becoming household names. The products that the brand offers are helping the brand to grow in popularity.


What is causing Lime Crime to steadily grow in popularity, however? Their morals in creating cruelty-free makeup that looks good and that can be used by everyone.


This is what makes Lime Crime different.


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The Great Anthony Petrello

Petrello is currently the executive head, leader and also stands as the chairperson of the Executive Committee and board of Nabors Industries based in Hamilton, Bermuda. Anthony Petrello holds a degree from Yale and Harvard University. At Yale University he got his BS and MS in mathematics and a J.D degree at the Harvard School of Law.

He started his career in the year 1979 after he joined the Baker & McKenzie law firm. Tony Petrello became the managing partner of the company office in New York from 1986-1991 before he left to take the office of the chief operating officer at Nabors. Tony later became the president of global drilling contractor.

Anthony Petrello has employed a lot of effort in the success of Nabors industries limited. The firm is the biggest worldwide known for drilling geothermal and natural gas. The company operates in various countries of the world including USA, Far East, Middle East and Africa. Anthony Petrello became the company deputy chairman in 2003 before he was confirmed the company CEO in 2011. As the company CEO, Petrello has been very instrumental in chairing huge development projects since he joined the industry.

Nabors Industries receive annual revenue of about $2.2 billion having employed approximately 30,000 workers. The firm being a giant in the energy sector has helped to drive growth and development of other companies in the energy sector. Nabors was founded in 1952 with a history of setting trends in the business. They are good in large scale drilling operations and discovering oil fields which they incorporate under their name (Nabors). In 2010 the company made history when they acquired Superior Well Services including its fracking technology. Under Petrello’s the company has boosted its profits up to 180 percent.

As the CEO of the largest energy industry in the world, Tony Petrello holds a few board memberships such as serving as the board of Hilcorp Energy Company, board director at Stewart & Stevenson. He is also the leader of Texas Children Hospital. Additionally, Petrello supports and encourages programs and research that helps to tackle the challenges faced by people living with neurological disorders.

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Securus Technologies: Always Something in the Works

GovPayNet is a company you may have already experienced. They process payments on behalf of governmental agencies of all types. From cash bail payments to professional licensing credentials, they handle it all. Another company that plays a vital role in corrections is Securus Technologies. This company is based in Texas and has over three decades experience. Securus’ internal customers are served by providing management software, monitoring of inmates, and much more. For its external customers, Securus provides calling plans, prepaid debit cards, video visitation, and much more. Securus has recently acquired GovPayNet, and JPay, another financial services expert. Together, these companies are working on game-changing technology to make correctional facilities run smoother, and much safer for everyone.


JPay has overseen developing the technology for wireless containment systems; however, all three companies have taken on a major role in its implementation. This technology provides safety and security inside and outside facilities. It operates as a cell tower inside the facility. Should an inmate try to make a call from a contraband phone, the signal is blocked, and the call is disconnected. This technology is important to safety and security, as many crimes have been linked to contraband devices. These devices are often brought in undetected by visitors and even dropped into facility yards with drones. Recognizing there’s a need for such technology, even lawmakers are supporting the project and considering legislation to make the devices mandatory.


Aside from its recent acquisitions, Securus Technologies has been gaining attention from its customers as well. The company has been awarded accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, and an “A+” rating. Customers have been reporting satisfaction with the company, and a 95 percent score on surveys backs this claim up. The company has also been able to resolve nearly every customer concern with only one call to the company. This is an impressive number for any company involving a call center. It will be great to see how the new technology works, and what’s in the works for the future.